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Med-Weather Forecasts™ and the Uldrich Alpha-Omega Weather Phase System™ have their roots in a weather analysis system developed in Germany prior to World War II and expanded up significantly in the decades since. The Deutscher Wetterdienst (German Weather Agency) developed the system which has two key elements; the ability to arrive at forecasts for specific regions and use of these forecasts to match ‘weather observed’ to valid biometeorology data which has been vetted for weather/health connectivity.

Audience Profile

Med-Weather Forecasts mission is to take global streaming weather data, and translate it into a useful format for downloading via numerous channels of communication. The most obvious markets for this include the baby boomers, individuals suffering from chronic illnesses, outdoors people and the “got to have it” individuals. Baby Boomers: The obvious market for this product is the baby boomers (age range 43 – 61). As this market tier ages, they will feel the effects of weather related illnesses and aches more acutely. Chronic Illness: Individuals with asthma, allergies, heart attacks, blood clots, stroke, etc. would find great value in a tool that can predict when these illnesses are at a higher risk. Outdoors People: Physically active individuals are much more aware of their personal health and spending such a large percentage of their time outdoors would increase their interest in a weather related health prediction system . “Got to Have It”: Those individuals who must have the newest technology first are a good target market for this new and exciting technology.
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