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Med-Weather Forecasts™ and the Uldrich Alpha-Omega Weather Phase System™ have their roots in a weather analysis system developed in Germany prior to World War II and expanded up significantly in the decades since.
The Deutscher Wetterdienst (German Weather Agency) developed the system which has two key elements; the ability to arrive at forecasts for specific regions and use of these forecasts to match ‘weather observed’ to valid biometeorology data which has been vetted for weather/health connectivity.
In developing the synoptic-based system, German research arrived at the position that weather observed has, in effect, a latency factor – in most cases – weather observed in a specific 24-hour period tends to impact human health 24 to 36 hours after the observed weather phase.
The end result is a forecasting service which has now been in full service not only in Germany but a number of other European countries dating back to the late 1950’s.
Both the forecasting system and the research linking weather to its impact on human and animal husbandry are considered disciplines under continuing development but data already accumulated over time and on a global basis is extensive. Med-Weather Systems™ has archived a significant data base of such information and continues to add to it. This data will be accessible to research parties.
New technology in gathering, assimilating and dissemination weather data continues unabated and the research in the field of biometeorology is an accelerating discipline on a global scale – aided in part – by the growing concerns of Global Warming and its impact on human health and in the field of animal husbandry.
The always growing and maturing Internet now provides a well-developed platform for bringing this critical data to global constituencies in a timely and cost-effective manner.
The key elements of the Internet link to the data gathering, dissemination and education of the global markets.
The phenomena of publishing data on the Internet and using advertising support to maintain and grow the system while simultaneously educating the constituent markets makes this service-oriented concept one who's time has truly come.
Bringing the Uldrich Alpha-Omega Medical Weather Phase System™ to the global market is the result of a unique collaboration between Uldrich-Integris Media Inc., the Augsburg Masters in Business Administration School and the Computer Science Laboratory of Augsburg College headed by Dr. Noel Petit.
Augsburg College, established in 1857 in Minneapolis, Minnesota has a total enrollment of 6,000 students in undergraduate and graduate courses and is a member of the Minnesota Private Colleges Council which consists of seventeen colleges and universities which have a shared reputation of connecting Minnesota to the world.

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